Different types of the memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses come in a wide variety of designs. One f the things that you have to put into consideration when choosing a foam mattress is the type. Therefore, it is imperative that you know the types that are available. You should choose the type that meets your requirements. All types offer comfort, but there are just a few differences. There are three main types of foam mattress that you will find on the market.



The traditional memory foam came into the limelight in the mid-1990’s. It is the most popular type of foam mattress. The mattress cradles your body when you sleep; therefore, it increases the circulation of blood and reduces the pressure on the main joints. The other benefit is that the mattress is antimicrobial. It means that bugs and dust mites will not be a problem. There is no doubt that you will get a healthier night’s sleep. In addition, the traditional memory foam prevents the effects of tossing and turning. The mattress also lasts for a longer time because it is made of the best materials. The traditional mattress is preferable if you want something that contours slowly.


The plant-based mattress is environment-friendly. They do not have toxic gases. Furthermore, the mattress contours your body.  The main disadvantage to this mattress is that it is expensive and not easy to find in the market. If you are concerned about preserving the environment, then you are better off buying the plant based mattress. However, be prepared to part with a huge amount of money.



The gel memory foam is the other type of foam mattress that you can buy. This type uses gel technology to prevent the motion transfer. Furthermore, it will cradle the pressure point just like the traditional foam mattress. The gel foam mattress will also prevent you from getting allergies since it is anti-microbial. The mattress is infused with gel thus making it the best among the three. The gel foam mattress is more durable compared to the traditional type. It has a faster response rate than the traditional foam. However, its response time is slower than the plant based mattress. The gel mattress does not retain a lot of heat compared to the traditional one. Therefore, the gel mattress offers a cooler option.  You can opt for the gel infused mattress if you normally overheat when sleeping. Click here for the best mattress that is made from memory foam.


Bathroom toilets – A buying guide

It is not that uncommon for people to get excited about clawfoot tubs, steam showers or designer sinks when they get down to remodeling their bathrooms. The majority of homeowners and contractors usually pay most of their attention to these bathroom fixtures, as they can substantially add to the overall aesthetic look and feel of the bathroom and functionality.

However, not many people pay enough attention to the humble toilets. For that reason, we will focus on some of the most important factors to consider when buying a new toilet. If you plan on buying one yourself, you can use these as your guiding points.

Basic designs

The majority of modern toilets usually come in two basic designs, the one-piece, and two-piece designs. The two-piece models are the most common models, as well as the cheapest ones. They feature a separate bowl and tank. On the other hand, one piece toilets have their tank built into the back of the bowl. They have a more compact profile, are easier to clean and usually more expensive.

Seat size and shape

Toilet bowls can come in either elongated or round models. Elongated seats are usually around 2 to 3 inches longer and feature a larger surface area. As a result, they can feel a bit more comfortable than the round ones. Round models are smaller and more suitable for tight spaces. But, if you have enough available space, getting an elongated bowl would be a better idea.

The flush mechanism

22The majority of modern toilet models utilize a gravity flush system. They rely on the water pressure in the tank, as well as the amount of water in the bowl, so as to force the water into the pipes. Older toilet models mostly relied on the tank’s height, in order to increase the pressure. Gravity flush toilets are typically the least expensive models.

In the last few years, however, pressure-assisted mechanisms have become increasingly popular, as well. These feature a cylinder of pressurized air, which is used to provide force to the entire mechanism. These are mostly used in commercial bathrooms, as they have a forceful, loud flush.

The most modern toilets available today are, without a doubt, the dual-flush models, which are specifically designed to save water. These offer two flush modes; a “full flush” mode for solid waste, and a “half-flush” mode for liquid waste. Dual-flush toilets allow their users to adjust the amount of water used for heavier or lighter loads.

The toilet trapway

This component is the part through which waste and water exit. Usually the bigger it is, the better. A bigger trapway is much less prone to clogging and ensures a better flushing action. Additionally, when you find yourself in a store, looking for toilets, don’t forget to ask if a certain trapway is fully glazed. These models make the bowl much easier to clean and can substantially improve flushing performance.

Means of attachment

2The choice between a wall-mounted or a floor-mounted toilet will mostly depend on the plumbing system in your bathroom. If your bathroom features a floor-discharge drain line, you will have to bolt the toilet to the floor. On the other hand, if there is a wall-discharge drain line in your bathroom, you will have to go with a wall-mounted model. You can easily find both pressure-assisted and gravity models in both attachment designs.