Bathroom toilets – A buying guide

It is not that uncommon for people to get excited about clawfoot tubs, steam showers or designer sinks when they get down to remodeling their bathrooms. The majority of homeowners and contractors usually pay most of their attention to these bathroom fixtures, as they can substantially add to the overall aesthetic look and feel of the bathroom and functionality.

However, not many people pay enough attention to the humble toilets. For that reason, we will focus on some of the most important factors to consider when buying a new toilet. If you plan on buying one yourself, you can use these as your guiding points.

Basic designs

The majority of modern toilets usually come in two basic designs, the one-piece, and two-piece designs. The two-piece models are the most common models, as well as the cheapest ones. They feature a separate bowl and tank. On the other hand, one piece toilets have their tank built into the back of the bowl. They have a more compact profile, are easier to clean and usually more expensive.

Seat size and shape

Toilet bowls can come in either elongated or round models. Elongated seats are usually around 2 to 3 inches longer and feature a larger surface area. As a result, they can feel a bit more comfortable than the round ones. Round models are smaller and more suitable for tight spaces. But, if you have enough available space, getting an elongated bowl would be a better idea.

The flush mechanism

22The majority of modern toilet models utilize a gravity flush system. They rely on the water pressure in the tank, as well as the amount of water in the bowl, so as to force the water into the pipes. Older toilet models mostly relied on the tank’s height, in order to increase the pressure. Gravity flush toilets are typically the least expensive models.

In the last few years, however, pressure-assisted mechanisms have become increasingly popular, as well. These feature a cylinder of pressurized air, which is used to provide force to the entire mechanism. These are mostly used in commercial bathrooms, as they have a forceful, loud flush.

The most modern toilets available today are, without a doubt, the dual-flush models, which are specifically designed to save water. These offer two flush modes; a “full flush” mode for solid waste, and a “half-flush” mode for liquid waste. Dual-flush toilets allow their users to adjust the amount of water used for heavier or lighter loads.

The toilet trapway

This component is the part through which waste and water exit. Usually the bigger it is, the better. A bigger trapway is much less prone to clogging and ensures a better flushing action. Additionally, when you find yourself in a store, looking for toilets, don’t forget to ask if a certain trapway is fully glazed. These models make the bowl much easier to clean and can substantially improve flushing performance.

Means of attachment

2The choice between a wall-mounted or a floor-mounted toilet will mostly depend on the plumbing system in your bathroom. If your bathroom features a floor-discharge drain line, you will have to bolt the toilet to the floor. On the other hand, if there is a wall-discharge drain line in your bathroom, you will have to go with a wall-mounted model. You can easily find both pressure-assisted and gravity models in both attachment designs.

Ways To Get Rid Of Insects In A Home

We all come from homes, and they are the best places that we cherish this is because home is where we go to rest away from the hustles of the day and reflect all the happenings of life.In most cases, most of the time that we have in life are spent at home. A home is made up of more than one element. We have people, domestic animals pets and other things, insecticide of things like insects.
There are nothing more troublesome in somebodies home than insects, these small creatures can be very disturbing and can make life in a home very unbearable.They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, in most cases, one can not be bothered by the activities of other creatures in their homes, but there is cause for alarm when insects have infested one’s home.
The following are some ways that an individual can get rid of each one of the listed insects;


They are the most common home invaders, they are usually found in the kitchen, with their super scent, it will nottake a night for them to be attracted in an individual kitchen leading to a full blown invasion.
With this type of insects, you will have to take easy measures to deal with them. It is advised that one regularly cleans the kitchen counters with a mix of vinegar and a concoction of water.In addition to this, you can wash your eating area with a sterilizer this will disturb their sensing pattern thus less attraction to the house.
You can also prevent them from coming by fixing dripping sinks and other pipes within the house.In cases where they have invaded the house, the best method to deal with them is to spray them with the detergent that you use in cleaning the counters.


They are also one of the common home invaders; they mostly invade homes that have pets in them.They come to the home by jumping and clinging to either you or your pet and they multiply at an alarmingly high rate.This is possible because they lay eggs in a variety of places thus it makes it difficult to get rid of them completely.
The most common method to get rid of them is by spraying your pets and house with an insecticide, or better still you can use a comb to reduce and eradicate them completely from your pets.You can also use a vacuum machine to eliminate them entirely from your home.The other sure and most economical way to do away with fleas is to use natural remedies, for example, eucalyptus.


Another insect that has caused havoc to families is jiggers; they are small insects that thrive in grass and feed on human blood, as an outdoors pest there are no defined ways of getting rid of them other than generally maintaining general home cleanliness.

Tips To Getting A Mortgage

A limited number of persons can afford to acquire a mortgage to purchase a home.This can be occasioned by the fact that a person is poor, one has a bad credit record or even people with very low financial earning will flirt with the idea of getting a home through the acquisition of a mortgage.
We, therefore, can define a mortgage as a financial transaction that an individual gets into(borrower) with a lender can either be a housing finance scheme or bank with the sole purpose being the borrower to get money to buy themselves a home.
Without a doubt, in one’s mind, the idea of taking a mortgage is an enormous financial undertaking which therefore requires that one takes a lot of factors into consideration before undertaking to enter into any agreement.The best part with this is that you can undertake some measures to boost your chances of getting a mortgage.Below we are going to highlight the tips that can help one position themselves to qualify for a mortgage, they include:

Credit Score

In the first place when you decide to take up a mortgage to increase your chances of qualifying, you should acquire a copy of your credit report.This is obtained from the relevant bodies that are concerned with this.This is critical because it gives an individual a chance to evaluate their rating so that they can make the necessary adjustments.For example, if you don’t have a good score card you can try to improve it by closing all unnecessary credit cards that are not in use.

Reduce Your Debt

This is another important factor that an individual should take into account when they have not yet applied for a mortgage.Therefore before applying for whatever mortgage you should make sure that you don’t have any outstanding debts and loans or have lots of cash on your credit card.It is, therefore, advisable that you repay your debts in full or reduce them to reasonable levels before applying for this mortgage.This will increase your chances of qualifying for a loan or even getting more.

Bigger deposit

This is one of the best tips that everybody who wants to apply for a mortgage should know about and act early about it, it is usually a practice by lending banks or housing finance to avail several mortgage choices.when an individual has a bigger deposit the lenders usually want to give mortgages to them.Another advantage of having big deposit is that you get to pay lower return payments for each month.

Get A Partner

When an individual cannot be able to make deposits of decent sums, it is advisable to get a partner and buy it with someone else.It is in many instances a magnificent way of getting a mortgage more especially if your acquired partner has an excellent and up to date credit record.But one is advised to give this a very deep thought before engaging in such arrangements.