Lawn Mower Maintenance Guide

Regardless of the price, petrol powered lawn mowers are powerful, durable and flexible. As long the lawn mower has fuel, it can keep on going and going till you tire out. Countless petrol powered lawn mowers come with a range of numerous features.   However, like any other machines that we own, our lawn mowers require maintenance too. In this article, we will provide tips on how to maintain your lawn mower to prolong its lifespan.



Oil & Fuel Check

asdasdWhile mowing, always monitor the fuel level and the oil level of your machine. When you dark oils in your lawn mower, you must drain it because these dark oils are no longer suitable for use and it can damage your machine. On the lighter note, most of the machines today have oil filters that can filter the dirt and debris.


Always Keep It Clean

It’s already given that our possessions including our lawn mowers must always be clean. When it comes to our lawn mowers, a simple clean-up is enough. Just make sure that no specks of dirt, debris, dark oils and any unnecessary particles are present in your machine. Plus, after use, clear the grasses in your machine after use.

Drain Petrol After Use

According to some studies conducted by experts from the lawn mowing industry, one of the reasons why our machines don’t start is because of the excess or oil residue that remained from the last usage. Thus, it’s strongly advisable to drain the remaining gas out of the mower after mowing season.


Always Read The Manual

Most of us are guilty of not reading the user manual. Perhaps, we are too excited to use the new machine that we bought. What we don’t realize is that the user manual that was provided to us is the most comprehensive guide that we have on maintaining our lawn mower. Well, some user manuals are confusing and complicated, but that doesn’t mean that we will not make an effort to read it.

Periodic Maintenance By Pros

Most people always wait till the lawn mower breaks down before they take it to the technician. What they don’t realize is that lawn mowers are machines and we all know that machines require periodic maintenance.  A regular checkup can help us determine if our lawn mower has issues or it’s in top working condition. Plus, if we take our lawn mowers to the service center, aside from doing a general check-up and diagnostic tests, they will perform a general cleaning too, and they will ensure that once we get our machines, it’s in premium condition.